5 Reasons Spring is Perfect for Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures are seasonal in Ohio. Spring is absolutely one of the best times to take senior pictures for a number of reasons. It might even be my favorite season for portraits. You should consider getting your senior pictures done in the Spring and here are five compelling reasons why …

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Spring offers some of the softest colors

“The Earth Laughs in Flowers”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spring Is Arguably The Prettiest Season Of The Year

Maybe we’re all biased after a long Winter season in Northeast Ohio, but it’s hard to miss the gorgeous show that nature puts on for us during May and early June. Soft spring greens still have perfect shape and form, untouched by summer’s scorch; walls of pastel colored flowers, sometimes stretch as far as the eye can see. The flowers come in waves – fading as quickly as they arrive to make room for the next show of color!

No doubt, if you’re lucky enough to catch Spring in your senior pictures, you’ll have a treasure that few have! Consider having your pictures taken in the Spring if you look good in whites, yellows, pastels or vibrant cool colors like pink, blue and purple. There’s also something almost ethereal about the quality of the light in the Spring. Maybe it’s the sun stretching it’s rays after a long, grey Winter – or maybe not, but there’s no denying the beautiful light in the Spring.

Check Senior Pictures Off Your List

You thought High School was already busy all the time…you haven’t seen anything yet! The summer before your senior year will be full of bucket list items and you will also have a million decisions to make. Get your senior pictures done in the Spring to free up your Summer for all the other things you need to accomplish. You will feel amazing when you check pictures off the list and have them done! Your mom will be happy too!

What’s that? Graduation is looming and you haven’t had your senior pictures taken yet? Never fear, it’s not too late! Your senior year isn’t over yet. Even though you procrastinated, Spring is the perfect time to get your pictures done. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of looking just like you will at graduation, right?

Cool Temps Are Awesome For Senior Pictures

The cool temperatures in Spring give you plenty of clothing options for your Senior Pictures. You can wear strappy clothes that look good in the summer, or chunky sweaters that are also appropriate in Fall and Winter. You can mix and match clothing at this time of year, better than at any other time! Jeans and a tank, a floral dress with a jean jacket? Sweaters and boots, sandals and shorts, honestly, there’s no wrong outfit in the Spring. No need to worry about sweating through your clothes or touching up melting makeup or frizzy hair. The cooler temperatures in Spring mean you don’t have to worry about the nuisances that hot weather sessions can bring. Cool temperatures also mean that the bugs aren’t a problem. This is a HUGE plus! Spring weather for the win!

Be A Trendsetter With Your Senior Pictures

Spring is generally not the first season people think of for senior pictures. This means, if you schedule in the Spring, not only will you get some unique shots that other kids aren’t lucky enough to get, but you’ll also be a trendsetter. Yes, that’s right…everyone is going to want their pictures done in the Spring after you have it done…

Spring Isn’t Busy Season For HS Senior Photographers

As a High School Senior Photographer, my schedule can get a bit crazy. The most hectic times are right before school starts in late summer, and during the two weeks we actually get some Fall foliage. People worry they will look pale in portraits after a long season of Winter. I have news for you. If you’re someone who looks good in all the colors of Spring, you’ll look every bit as fabulous surrounded by Spring’s splendor as you would in the middle of Summer. I will have an easier time fitting you into my schedule in the Spring and you won’t have as much competition for dates on my calendar. Since my Springtime is more relaxed, I’ll have even more time to make sure everything is amazing for you!

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